When Peter Jackson’s documentary series The Beatles: Come Back premiered in 2021 over Thanksgiving weekend on Disney+, the world got a new photo of Yoko Ono, the Japanese artist who married John Lennon and somehow got a bad rap thanks to a lot of untruths about her relationship with the group.

Now Ono is gaining a new reputation. Recently, Japanese Breakfast covered one of her songs (see below) and fans commented on how poorly she’s been treated over the past few decades.

But Ono probably doesn’t care much about all that. Because she didn’t care what anyone had to say before either. At least not in a way that discouraged his art, his activism or his work.

These days, Ono, 88, is killing on Twitter. Take a look at these words of wisdom she’s been giving to her 4+ million followers over the past few weeks:

February 3: “I have my own dreams and my own agenda, so I can’t listen to negative talk from big mouths.

February 2: “Art is creativity. We will pool all our creativity and create a great world. Yes we will!”

February 1st : “We are all people who like to be entertained, day and night. It used to be that only kings and queens asked to have a life of entertainment. Stop having fun. Feel the love to cleanse your life. You will feel better and also be healthy. Start there.

January 31: “Speeding up is always the wrong thing to do. Give yourself a chance to keep pace with your own heart.

January 30: “I would like to see a society in which we don’t need anything to harm us. We all wish that such a day would come soon. Is not it ? »

January 29: “Positive energy can always change everything.”

Truly, the list of inspirational, loving, and thoughtful quotes goes on. For someone who was chastised for decades for breaking up one of the greatest bands of all time, who was ridiculed for his love with Lennon (who was a two-way street, of course) and many others aspects of her life, Ono isn’t just getting the last laugh, she doesn’t care who hears her because for so many years all ears were deaf when it came to her talent and her perspective.

Keep up the good work, Yoko!

January 28: “I remember that I don’t just like blue skies. I’ve always liked gray skies too. For me, growing up is waking up to the beauty of all people and all things in life. And I keep growing.

Photo by JB Lacroix/Getty Images