05 January 2022 (published)

5 p.m.

London-based glam-goth alternative rock band The Bloodstreams have just released ‘Columbine’. The single takes us on a juxtaposed journey through genres conveying both sides of love and hate. The group is led by vocal harmonies of Danny, James and Jasmine making a performance that displays the surreal perspective of the group’s storytelling.

Originally written by their guitarist James, the band decided to move to Studio 7 in Tottenham Hale to piece together “Columbine” before the lockdown. Covering themes of isolation and anxiety, the track evolved over the course of the creative process to become something more complicated than the band had originally planned. The poetic and powerful message behind the song’s title captures the notion of an offering of flowers, usually in situations of strong emotion. In this case, the columbine flower represents our way of expressing ourselves and shows that in a desperation of faith, positivity can thrive. The song’s lyrics describe two sides of good and bad intertwining into a powerful overall message. This is also evident through the song’s soundscape as it starts off as a slow-paced classic rock record, but slowly moves into a dramatic part-time gospel outro. The Bloodstreams say “Believe it or not, religion has defined the world culturally and historically. We want to make people dance. It is our religion.

Similar to The Fat White Family, the overdriven guitar and chants repeated in the second half of the song take on almost biblical proportions “It’s very abstract and meant to be heard as a universal evangelical love story.” The group’s other more classic influences include The Beatles, The Bauhaus, and Siouxsie & The Banshees. This is evident in the energy and melody that the Bloodstreams bring to their music. The song ends with a final passage to a melodic keyboard solo that perfectly complements the song.

Music News caught up with The Bloodstreams to find out more …

So, Bloodstreams, what’s up? What’s on your mind?
It’s hard to speak without a time stamp of feelings for the heavy zeitgeist. There are a lot of defining things going on and we try to be one of them. We just released our first single and mastered the album. I look forward to the Christmas holidays, then a busy year 2022. I’m looking to the future a lot right now. Eyes on the horizon.

Tell us all about your new single ‘Columbine’?
JAMES: Columbine is a song about life and death with religion as a vector as it almost always does … For us it evokes both a sense of loss and hope. A journey through the valley, a walk through life which culminates in a precipice to the point of letting go. Musically, we wanted to represent a locomotive movement and a time shift during the derailment. The slow progression of the gospel provides a high lift to desperate preaching, which literally screams fear and optimism.

When did you start to write music together?
JAZ: We all started writing together under the name The Bloodstreams almost 2 years ago. Danny (bass) and I (keyboards) had been in bands before, as had me and James (guitar). James is my brother, so we pretty much grew musically together.
DANNY: The three of us (James, Jaz and I) are all writers, so when we got in sync as a writing trio, it was like a crazy chemical reaction that we didn’t know was possible. . It’s a very emotionally charged process with a lot of mania going through it. Appears to be present in the product.

I really liked the video for ‘Columbine’. Share with us the concept behind it.
Jaz: It really reflects the concept of the song. We wanted to make a smooth and somewhat traditional performance music video and blend it with the white and white emptiness of the set to display that kind of sense of purgatory, between life and death. Interspersed with projections of religious and Pentecostal images rising to the end of a passionate sermon. As a visual, it also has literal connotations that religion is above all else in the modern world, culturally and historically. The way the flashing pictures and hidden messages appear shows a problem in the balance of everything.

Who are your musical icons?
JAMES: Roxy Music, Bowie, Iggy Pop
JAZ: Cyndi Lauper, Bjork, Bowie
DANNY: Frank Zappa, Mike Patton (Faith No More), John Cale (VU)
NICO (Drums): Alice In Chains, Deftones, Slipknot

What is the first album you bought?
JAMES: Marshall Mathers LP by EMINEM.
JAZ: Debut by Bjork.
DANNY: Piper from Pink Floyd at the gates of dawn.
NICO: Songs for the Deaf – Queens of the Stone Age.

Which artists are you listening to at the moment?
pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs
DC fountains
You Oh Sees
King Gizzard

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

What does the New Year have in store for you?
JAMES: Follow-up single: “Clockwork Man” in the next few months and our debut album mid 2022. Tons of live gigs. An experimental concept album focused on the art to be recorded. All we can get away with!

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