• An insider in the lingering song battle between Poco Lee and Portable, Yhemo Lee clarified the reason for uploading Zazu’s song to the dancer’s account
  • Yhemo Lee said that Portable does not have a digital music store account where they could download the music and it takes time to set up.
  • He further hinted that the proceeds from Zazu’s song would be split between Portable and Poco Lee accordingly.

Initiated in the ongoing hubbub between Poco Lee and Portable, Yhemo Lee shed light on the gray area and the reason for downloading Zazu’s song using the dancer’s account.

Yhemi Lee has hinted that the song needs to be released ASAP and Portable does not have a digital store account.

Insider talks about Zazu’s product. Credit: @poco_lee @ portableble_omololami1
Source: Instagram

He further made it known that Poco Lee had no intention of depriving Portable of the proceeds from the song, as they would share it accordingly.

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“Poco lee is not eating Portable’s money, Poco lee only posted The Zazoo song on its own music channels as portable does not have its own personal music channels and the song was to be dropped as soon as possible. “

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Watch the video below:


Nigerians criticized Yhemo Lee for his comments and said it doesn’t take too long to build music channels.

Legit.ng chose some of the reactions, read below:


“How long does it take to set up a music channel just to ask? Abi dem they need a birth certificate and a court affidavit.”


“When they can’t share $ 3,000, which he sees for the eye with an audio mark, does he sabi?” “

Good God9670:

“Portable doesn’t have a platform but doesn’t tear it up.”


“Why didn’t he open an acc account for him immediately.”

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“Which song has Poco Lee dropped before?” How many singles. “


“The song had to be dropped as soon as possible”, why not open music channel for me as soon as possible. Una just cut the boy off for daylight. “

Portable accuses Poco Lee of stealing his song

Legit.ng Zazu’s breakout and crooner star Portable reported earlier that popular dancer Poco Lee was called out on social media.

Portable accused Poco Lee of dishonesty and not showing him love as he lambasted him in a viral video.

Portable said Poco Lee only gave him $ 600 of the $ 3,000 Wizkid sprayed him on stage, without stopping there, he also claimed the dancer was trying to steal his Zazu song by putting it on. first under his name.

Source: Legit.ng