the EDWIN music channel has been an incubator for exciting and genre blurry mixes shaped by world-renowned DJs, producers and taste makers.

Next on the channel is Cologne-based DJ and producer Phillip Jondo with mix # 102. A seamless surround sound experience, the mix is ​​expertly delivered with one finger on the pulse of the club-generated experiments. Venturing from enigmatic Munich producer Skee Mask to the fractured electronics of Loto Retina, the mix evokes Jondo’s traveling spirit and his affinity for bass and breaks, dancehall and downtempo.

Accompanying the organized mix, Jondo spoke about international DJing after a reprieve, musical transitions, his NTS show and the philosophy of his label SPA Recordings.

Tune in to the mix now and read an excerpt from the EDWIN Music Channel interview with Phillip Jondo below …

– – –

You’ve been a DJ for over a decade now. How has your DJ style evolved over time?

I think I was more lo-fi in the first place, especially looking for some pretty weird things I could find in the hidden corners of the World Wide Web and in record stores. Today I still have the same old heart that beats for obscure records, nobody really cares about records, but at the same time I started to DJ at events more and naturally I got more into dance / club music while doing my NTS show.

Besides DJing, you are also part of the duo Garland, which publishes music on labels like Lullabies For Insomniacs and your own imprint, SPA Recordings. Are there any new Garland gear coming soon? And do you have other music in preparation, solo or not?

Simon, the other half of Garland lives in Glasgow and due to Covid we haven’t had the chance to work face to face for the past 18 months. Before that, we played a few gigs and collected material that never saw the light of day. He will be visiting me next week and we have a whole week to record new material and maybe fiddle with something in old files.

Besides that, I have worked with Maxwell Sterling and DJ Plead for the last two years and we will soon be releasing music through the Dutch label Dekmantel.

Since 2018, you have been part of SPA Recordings with DJ Brom and Friday Dunard. Can you tell us about the label’s philosophy and your future projects?

Right now we have our next release ready and more in the works that people are working on right now. Plus, Kieran aka DJ Brom is working on a print thing. The original idea was to create a space for people with similar vision, musical tastes or whatever you want to call it. There wasn’t much of a foothold for the diverse music we loved in Cologne, although there were a lot of people recording their own amazing music in the city.

You are based in Cologne. How is the party scene there? New movements after confinement? Are there new musicians or DJs that the world should be looking for?

Compared to all the other cities I’ve been to in the past few months, Cologne is the city that still feels the most locked in. I don’t know why, but I don’t think much is happening except that the restaurants and beer gardens are open again. Well, there was this film score with Felix Kubin but unfortunately I missed it. I discovered a lot of German rap that is happening in and around Cologne that I really enjoy. It makes me happy to see that there are kids from my hometown exploding.

SPA also hosts a monthly NTS Radio show. How does the show reflect your label’s music? Or is it something far from what you are posting?

We always try to put label related music in our mixes. I’m guessing you can hear SPA material in NTS mixes from years ago, which still hasn’t been released. So we are constantly working with what we are working on, but we also select music that is not on our own production. Inspirational music, field recordings and more from around the world.

How did you select the music for The EDWIN Music Channel? Is there a particular story behind the sound?

Usually I mess around with the tempo a lot but not in this case, it stays at 160 all the time. Recorded with two CDJs and an Allen & Heath battlemixer.

As an artist who likes to explore new frontiers, can you name some musical genres that you have always wanted to unite?

There’s about a 30 minute montage in this mix and it looks like Jon Hassel’s trumpet is sampled, layered over a footwork pattern from DJ Take and I love that. I never got tired of this track and often thought it would be nice to have an entire Fourth World x Teklife LP.

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