Dreamer records (label)

01 January 2022 (published)

4 hours

Jessica Lynn offers a captivating leap in the form of the latest EP Reimagined.

The country singer has yet to reach the heights of fame, but talent is pushing Lynn up the musical ladder.

The singer’s biography boasts of sharing the stage with big names including “Brad Paisley”, “ZZ Top” and the famous namesake “Loretta Lynn”.

Frequent readers of Music News may recall that in 2020 we praised The American for their “poignant” Christmas effort “It’s Just Not Christmas”.

For those who haven’t yet jumped aboard the musical express Jessica Lynn, the latest EP Reimagined should have no problem attracting new fans to the fold. Just in time for an upcoming tour and a debut album.

The four-way offering is simple, but effective. It’s just Jessica and a piano.

The project brings together songs that fans already know. “Not Your Wife,” “Now or Never,” “Pretty” and “Run To” all get stripped-down reinterpretations.

Each of the melodies brilliantly demonstrates Lynn’s excellent voice. The songs are accompanied by a fairly rhythmic main piano melody. The pieces look alike, but act as a kind of neutral canvas for Lynn to shape herself with her voice.

It is particularly successful on ‘Not Your Woman’. The story of breakup angst finds the storyteller pushing back his unfaithful ex.

The New Yorker sings:

“I’m not angry, not even sad, I’m just glad to know now that you’re not my type of man.”
The singer then adds conclusively:

“I’m done, I’m gone, I can’t say anything more,
It is too late now and I am far too strong to stay… ”

The piano makeover compliments the lyrics as they indulge in sorrow at the start.
It’s only when the singer ramps up in her Pipes that you think the protagonist finally overcomes the pain.

Lynn’s powerful range serves to counteract the sweet sadness provided by the keys. As she sings “I Am No Longer Your Wife”, the listener can hear the protagonist replace pain with passion, grief with determination.

It’s a welcome change of pace from the original, which has the most bullish nerve in the country.

The original version is strong on its own, with a bubbly and confident musician, who displays nuances of Shania Twain in her tone.

What the new version does offer, however, is the idea that a battle against heartbreak is fought and ultimately overcome.

Jessica Lynn’s vocals are the real highlight of the record, and the stripped-down production presents it beautifully.

Throughout the set, Lynn demonstrates the ability to deliver, tenderness, and power when the times call for it.

Without the musical bells and whistles of the original versions, Reimagined would fail in the hands of a weak singer.

The weight of success rests on Jessica Lynn’s shoulders and she carries it with ease.
“Run To” also stands out, Lynn sounding superbly because it has the highest notes. There’s even an occasional tint of LeAnn Rimes in the delivery of the American.

“Pretty” is the only number to drop the reimagined premise. On its own, the song about measuring yourself unfairly against others is fine, but doesn’t live up to the bill.

Lynn provides an appropriate performance, but this song does not appear to be distinct from the original. The reimagined production could do away with the steel pedal guitar, but the rhythm and tone remain the same.

The melody comes across as more of a slight adjustment than an attempt to try something separate.

Overall though, Reimagined is a solid showcase for their country artist. The EP should prove to be a welcoming starting point for those who have never heard of Jessica Lynn before.