Independent (label)

February 04, 2022 (published)

4 hours

Hutchinson has been very active during the Covid years and the result is this: plentiful heavy riffs, massive drums and basslines so thick and slimy you’ll think you’re enveloped in the sound.

Right off the bat with ‘Straight To Hell’ you get the feeling that this is a first class rock album and as it continues with the title track there is no respite from the massive sound ( and none wanted either).

Jack J Hutchinson has come a long way from ‘Paint No Fiction’ (The First Encounter) and certainly into the heavier sounds that prevail today, but there is no shortage of melody and air on this album and it is easy. to see how far he has come as a songwriter and performer.

There are a few points on the album where his love for harmony raises what might sound too dense and he does solos sparingly but very effectively. His influences from bands like Sabbath and the Seattle Grunge scene pop from time to time, but it adds to the music and, for a trio, they have surprising layers to the music.
He even manages a great ballad on ‘Angel Of Death’ and I would swear he hits notes that were out of his compass a few years ago.

It is really a joy to hear an artist become and not just follow the trends.
It is, in many ways, a revolutionary album and for me it deserves to be the album that opens it to a massive audience.