Amruthavarshini – the only FM channel for India

The government is urged to honor the rich tradition of Indian classical music. In this regard, All-India Radio Bengaluru has had the distinction of launching the world’s first and only radio channel FM 100.1 – Amruthavarshini exclusively devoted and dedicated to Indian music covering – Karnataka classical music, Hindustani classical music, the light music, Devara nama, Sangathya, Gamaka Gayana, Gamaka vachana covering Bhamini Shatpadi, Vardhaka shatpadi, Kanda padya, Sangathya, Devara nama – Dasa sahithya, Vachana Sangeetha, Janapada Sangeetha and so on. He has conducted excellent interviews with great performing artists who are showing the way for young artists, covering for example experience sharing by Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan, Vidushi Begum Akhtar, Vid Gangubai Hanagal, Vid T Chowdaiah, Vainika Vid Doreswamy Iyengar, Vid MS Subbalakshmi, Vid DK Pattammal, Vid ML Vasanthakumari, Vid T Sharada, Vid T Shachidevi, Vid RK Srikantan, Gaanakalaa Bhushana Laya Yogi Avadhana Pallavi Chandrappa, Dr M Balamuralikrishna, and dozens of renowned artists. The channel broadcast valuable and old recordings of performances by artists, among others, the late Vid John B Higgins who visited India in the 1960s as a Fulbright Fellow, learned classical music and gave concerts at from Thiruvayyar. The channel has broadcast musical operas highlighting the contributions of the musical trinity Vaggeyakara Tyagarja, Vaggeyakara Muttuswami Dikshitar, Vaggeyakara Shyama Shastry, Vaggeyakaras Mysore Vasudevacharya, Harikeshanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshana, Vaggeyakara Muttuswami Dikshitar, Vaggeyakara Shyama Shastry, Vaggeyakaras Mysore Vasudevacharya, Harikeshanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshana, Rideshanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshana, Rideshanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshana, Shhana Shiyan Shiva Shiva Bhagaveeneshana, Ríashanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshanaeshana, Ríashanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshanaeshana, Ríshanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshana, Ríashanallooru Muttaiah Bhagaveeneshanaeshana, Vaggeyakaras , Sarpabushana shivayogi, Akkamahadevi Vachanas and others, highly educational and scintillating for all.

Amruthavarshini FM 100.1 now discontinued

Surprisingly, in October 2021, Amruthavarshini FM 100.1, this totally dedicated Indian music channel covering both Hindusthani and Karnataka for decades, was discontinued, causing tears. This channel helped many music lovers and the public to stay healthy by listening to a rich variety of music. The devotional Udayaradhana music from 6 am to 630 am each morning was a treat. day, covering the contributions of the musical trinity Tyagaraja, Muttuswami Dixithar and Shyamashastri, Maharaja swati tirunal, Maharaja jayachamarajendra wodeyar, Panasham Shivan, Helavanakatte Giriyamma and others.

Dr N Raghu’s decades of dedicated effort wasted

It was Dr. N Raghu, the engineer turned musician who took great interest in the overhaul of Amruthavarshini FM 100.1 as Deputy Director, AIR, Bengaluru who is particularly recognized for research-oriented programs in music because he considered that music is more than performance. This extremely popular Indian music channel among young and old, especially the elderly, including urban and rural areas all over the world, as the internet was responsible for the transmission of the rich musical tradition around the world suddenly ceased to air in October 2021, causing utter disappointment to anyone who used to do so. Listen to this channel from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. that created a healthy atmosphere at home, reducing stress, blood pressure and blood pressure, and educating on music and art forms for the whole family.

Not everything can be looked at from a business point of view

The Prasarabharathi, an organ of government, cannot deal with every aspect of the art form in music on a commercial basis similar to film music. Even the basis of film music is classical music. Therefore, it is humbly requested to relaunch, reinstall, restore and offer unconditional support to Amruthavarshini FM 100.1 with immediate effect from AIR Bengaluru.

Kumaravyasa Bharatha, who has been running for decades in Bengaluru, is now destroyed

The Kumaravyasa Mantapa in Rajajinagar Bangalore is the only organization that has organized Gamaka Vachana and Vyakhyana 365 days a year since the 1970s. The deans of Gamaka Sri Mathur Krishnamurthy, Gamaki Sri Hosahalli R Keshavamurthy, Gamaki Sri M. Raghavendra Rao, Gamaki Shri HM Ramaradhya, Gamaki Smt Gangamma Keshavamurthy, Gamaki Smt Srimathi, Gamaki Smt Subbalamakishamma, Gamaki Smt Gangamma Keshavamurthy, Gamaki Smt Srimathi, Gamaki Smt Subbalamakishamma, Gamaki Smt Subbalamakishamn, HMaguria, Krajamakishama, Hmampi Smt Subbalamakishamnah, Sampaharatho, Krajamakishama, Hmamparatho, Krajaratho, Srimakishamakishama, Hmagarna, Krajarna Smt Subbalamakishamakishamakishamk Ramakrishna Shastry, Haadina Naagamma, AV Prasanna, Nirmala Prasanna, Vasudeva Rao, Shri BSS Kaushik and several others were directly responsible for sustaining the tradition of Gamamaka indirectly contributed to Kumaravyasa Mantapa. The recitation of various art forms Gamaka Kumaravyasa Bharata, Jaimini Bharata of Lakshmisha, Girija Kalyana of Harihara, Harishchandra Kavya of Raghavanka, Haribhaktisara of Kanakadasa, Gadha-Yuddha of Ranna, Pampa Bharata, Vardhaka Jhathahavka Shathavani supported by Shathavani ‘.

Kumaravyasa Mantapa needs a renewal

Unfortunately, apart from the nameplate of the road housing Kumaravyasa Mantapa in Rajajinagar Fourth block, Bengaluru, nothing remains. Kumara Vyasa Mantapa needs to be revived by government and relevant authorities, so that the traditional art form can be maintained and survived for the benefit of posterity and the present generation.



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