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The best music videos of 2021, ranked

Another year is coming to an end, which is a great time to look back on some of the best music videos 2021 has had to offer. Music videos have always held our attention. Since MTV hit the airwaves and artists have harnessed the visuals of their music like never before, it’s almost mandatory to […]

Best Music Videos of 2021, Part 5

We are finally here with the cream of the crop. Here are the top 20 music videos by underground, indie, and lesser-known artists of 2021. Overall, it’s been a fantastic year for videos despite the lingering pandemic, and some artists have created visuals of epic proportions. Thanks for spending the week with us. If you […]

Best Music Videos of 2021, Part 4!

We’ve almost gone through the top 100 music videos from underground, independent and lesser-known artists! Today we’re starting to get a lot weirder and more visceral, with haunted houses, weird experiments, and fascist games on the menu. Put on your headphones and dive with us. 40. Hybrid, “Flashpoint”Hybrid is a very DIY group when it […]

Best independent and underground music v...

We’re halfway through the best clips of underground, independent and lesser-known artists in 2021. This time the topics range from Mothra to river cults to pancakes. Be on the lookout for local talent this time around! 60. White Cliffs, “Just like you” Normally lyric videos are disqualified from this countdown, but I make an exception […]

10 best Indian music videos of 2021 –

10. Ankur Sabharwal – “A better man” Analog camera, black-and-white film, stop-motion and tons of Easter eggs from movie history abound in New Delhi rock artist Ankur Sabharwal’s music video for “Better Man.” Directed by Mrinal Bahukandi, the clip skillfully reflects the many introspections of one person grappling with the dilemma of good versus evil. […]

Watch: Janet Jackson Shares New Secrets ...

There is a lot about Janet Jackson and her uniquely styled music videos that even her most dedicated fans don’t know. Did you know her dramatic false eyelashes in “What’s It Gonna Be ?!” video were made from rooster feathers? Or that her sculptural red hair from “Together Again” was hand-crafted with wire? Or how […]

The 50 greatest music videos of all time

On August 1st of 1981, a new network premiered on cable called MTV, and “Music Television” soon exploded as an incredible new way for listeners to engage with artists. While music performance clips existed well before 1981, MTV itself rewrote how artists presented and marketed themselves visually. Some labels viewed it as just another form […]

Best songs, albums, clips and concerts o...

2021 is coming to an end in a few days, so it’s time to pick up on your favorite music from this year. For three weeks in November, over a thousand Bandwagon readers took part in our new annual survey, choosing their favorite songs, albums, music videos and virtual concerts that made 2021 what it […]

Milwaukee Records’ Favorite Music Videos

Yesterday we shared our Milwaukee’s favorite music in 2021; today is our favorite Milwaukee music videos 0f 2021. Sit back and enjoy some funny, weird, creative and downright awesome music videos. B ~ Free – “It could be us”Released in August, “This could be us” was B ~ Freefollows an earlier summer jam, “Hate 2 […]

10 of the weirdest Christmas clips to wa...

White Christmas – Lady GagaIt wouldn’t be a party list if we didn’t include Lady Gaga. Leading the way with her rendition of White Christmas for a Thanksgiving special, the live recording shows the American star in a fabulous flowing white gown against the backdrop of her band and stage setting. Taken from the singer’s […]