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YouTube’s # 1 artist NBA YoungBoy sees D

Get real-time updates straight to your device, subscribe now. Subscribe You could say that Baton Rouge NBA artist YoungBoy is one of the voices of a generation of hip-hop fans. He has managed to become one of the top performing players in the industry on YouTube without a ton of radio or streaming. The weight […]

Rock + metal songs have the fewest car c...

Compared to other popular music genres, rock and metal music videos contain the fewest automobiles, according to a new study from shopping comparison site But the resulting report does not specify exactly which music videos were considered to reach this conclusion. Still, he explains his overall methodology by selecting an assortment of videos based […]

Cast Members Who Starred In Music Videos

Most of the stars of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise stay in the limelight after their stints in reality are over, and some gain attention through music video appearances. More 90 day fiancé stars don’t shy the spotlight once their seasons are over, and it’s time to talk about the franchise celebrities who have appeared […]

Adele heading for week two at number 1 w...

Adele heads to a second week at number 1 on the official album chart with her record-breaking fourth album, 30. Last week, 30 made her chart-topping debut with record sales, becoming the best-selling album of 2021 so far, as well as the highest first week sales for a UK women’s album since 25 in 2015. […]

Free Music Apps For Android: Here Are Th...

Rj pierce, Tech Times November 29, 2021, 06:11 (Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) Free music apps for Android are all over the web. But only a few of them are really good and allow you to listen to music that you love legally. This makes it difficult to […]

Hayley Williams teases Paramore’s comeba

Hayley Williams has teased Paramore’s return next year. The 32-year-old singer-songwriter – who released his debut solo album “Petals For Armor” in 2020 and follow-up “Flowers For Vases / Descansos” earlier this year – has revealed that the group will return in 2022, five years after their last album and their concerts. She explained in […]

Adele’s ’30’ makes record debut E! News

Adele reigns supreme this week on the official rankings as 30, making a record debut at No.1. With first week chart sales totaling 261,000, 30 marks the biggest opening week of 2021 to date, surpassing ABBA’s Travel (204,000). It’s also the biggest first week for an album since Ed Sheeran’s Divide in 2017, as well […]

Spotify is TikTok-ification with a verti...

Another day another cosplay app TIC Tacthe signature video stream format of. Join Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and Netflix in pursuit of a gen Z action is none other than the lost music giant Spotify-with yet another feature inspired by the coveted short content platform. First spotted by the developer Chris Messina, Spotify is […]

Music News Digest, November 25, 2021

Tuesday, Billboard announced that The weekendThe worldwide hit single from Blinding Lights is now No.1 on his Greatest Songs of All Time Hot 100 chart. The track held # 1 for four weeks and broke all records on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, winning the most large number of weeks as top five (43 weeks), top […]

Spotify takes on TikTok with vertical st...

We’ve seen several apps like Instagram and YouTube emulate the TikTok style with a short vertical video feed, and now Spotify is joining this list as well. The company has tested a new feature in its mobile app that essentially adds a vertical stream of music videos that users can browse to find something they […]