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The 8 best clips of July 2021

The cinematographic universe of Lil Nas X grows even bigger with “Industry Baby”, the last successful video of the pop rapper who is always on a joyful mission to put the nerves of his enemies to end. Here he creates the more gay version of Escape from Alcatraz to “Montero State Prison”, filled with pink […]

List of the best music videos: ranking t...

In the wee hours of August 1, 1981, someone walking through its canals might have come across a picture of a rocket exploding in space. The familiar sight of Neil Armstrong stepping out of his lunar module and walking on the moon would fill the TV screen. And then they heard a voiceover, with all […]

Toshiba Alexa TVs get streaming upgrade ...

Toshiba smart TVs in the UK have the Twitch app, as well as Amazon Music, great for Alexa-enabled models. Twitch and Amazon Music are now available on all Toshiba TV models, including Android TVs and those with Alexa built-in. So anyone with UA2B, UK4B, UL20 or WK3C will now be able to enjoy a multitude […]