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Best music videos of the decade, ranked

From elaborately crafted concepts to striking portrayals of a nation’s heritage, these videos have left their mark on an already rich art form. Music videos have long been a testing ground for some of the most innovative cinematic ideas. Sometimes these breakthroughs come in the form of stylistic flourishes. Other times it means breaking down […]

Can a non-cinematic online Indian music ...

What are the chances that a traditional Indian (non-film) online music channel can make money? This is the question raised by the merger between Jungo TV, based in Los Angeles, and Durga Jasraj’s Art and Artists (AAA). The late-October partnership will create Waah TV, a traditional linear (non-cinematic) online music channel. Jungo TV provides content […]

The 20 Best Music Videos of the 2010s

At the very beginning of this century, people still sometimes watched music videos on television. MTV Total live demand was in its halcyon era in 2000, and the show wouldn’t be canceled until 2008. Meanwhile, YouTube debuted in 2005, changing the way everyone experienced the music video. So the 2010s were the first full decade […]