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IN10 Media launches the Showbox music ch...

IN10 Media of India is set to launch a youth-centric music channel called Showbox to join its other brands Epic TV, Epic On, Juggernaut Productions and DocuBay. The channel aims to provide a platform for local music and independent musicians, with content in Hindi, Punjabi, Hryanvi and Bhojpuri. In addition to music, it will broadcast […]

Google’s music apps are Google Cast’s wo

Smart speakers can have many different uses thanks to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but the four Google powered speakers are in my apartment primarily for music streaming. Unfortunately for me, streaming from Google’s own music apps is so inconsistent that I often find myself searching for my handy bluetooth speaker at least once a […]

Apple separates iTunes and creates separ...

The iTunes era is over. At its annual developer conference today, Apple announced that it is splitting iTunes into three separate macOS apps: Podcasts, TV, and Music. The update will ship with macOS 10.15. The change makes sense, and has already happened on iOS. Apple Podcasts, for example, have been around iPhones and iPads for […]