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Rolling Stones honored with stamp collec...

The Rolling Stones are immortalized in the form of stamps. Royal Mail has announced a set of 12 stamps honoring the iconic rock’n’roll group to mark their 60th anniversary. A number of stamps will feature some of the rockers’ most iconic performances of “Gimme Shelter”, including the London Hyde Park concert in 1969, which took […]

The Weeknd drops storytelling-rich LP Da...

The Weeknd released ‘Dawn FM’, with narration by Jim Carrey. The “Blinding Lights” hitmaker launched his latest LP with the 103.5 Dawn FM worldwide live streaming experience on the Amazon Music Channel on Twitch and the Amazon Music app. The title track sees the Hollywood star playing a radio host, who promises “we’ll be here […]

The Bloodstreams – Music News

05 January 2022 (published) 5 p.m. London-based glam-goth alternative rock band The Bloodstreams have just released ‘Columbine’. The single takes us on a juxtaposed journey through genres conveying both sides of love and hate. The group is led by vocal harmonies of Danny, James and Jasmine making a performance that displays the surreal perspective of […]

Omarion is an R&B singer, not a variant

ohAn often overlooked aspect of the current pandemic is the effect it has had on brands. The poor brands, which have long since stuck with a cool sounding name for having co-opted it through a deadly health crisis once a century. Remember Corona, the beer people drank before the association with illness and death became […]

Nevermind cover case Nirvana dismissed E...

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against Nirvana by the man who appeared on the cover of their album Nevermind as a baby. Spencer Elden filed a lawsuit in August, accusing the group of violating federal pornography laws and exploiting him because an image of him swimming naked as a baby was featured in […]

Jack J Hutchinson – Music News

Independent (label) February 04, 2022 (published) 4 hours Hutchinson has been very active during the Covid years and the result is this: plentiful heavy riffs, massive drums and basslines so thick and slimy you’ll think you’re enveloped in the sound. Right off the bat with ‘Straight To Hell’ you get the feeling that this is […]

Lil Nas X: the music of LGBTQ artists is...

Lil Nas X says the music industry has “sanatized” the music of LGBTQ artists. The “Old Town Road” hitmaker turned gay in June 2019 and claimed that “anything sexual” about a queer star is often censored. Speaking on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’, he said: “It’s always been ‘Okay, if you’re gay this needs to be sanitized. […]

Stacey Jackson grateful for her “second

Stacey Jackson feels “so lucky” to have had a “second chance” with “Live It Up”. The singer admitted that she jumped at the chance to revisit her 2011 single when she made an appearance in the comedy film “Reboot Camp” and that things got even better when she reunited with Snoop Dogg. to shoot a […]

Jessica Lynn – Music News

Dreamer records (label) 01 January 2022 (published) 4 hours Jessica Lynn offers a captivating leap in the form of the latest EP Reimagined. The country singer has yet to reach the heights of fame, but talent is pushing Lynn up the musical ladder. The singer’s biography boasts of sharing the stage with big names including […]

Nicki Minaj recalls ‘sweet’ ex-manager a

Nicki Minaj has released a statement following the alleged murder of her former business manager Angela ‘Angie’ Kukawski. The beloved business leader was reported missing on December 22 and found dead in her car the next day, officials from the Los Angeles Police Department said on Wednesday. In response to the news, the Super Bass […]