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Sensory Awareness Through Music

Corporate Gifts


Our stress-relieving and inspiring music CDs are specifically created to allow you to give your customers a gift that is unique, meaningful and helpful, compared to giving logo-ed pens  or note pads that end up in landfills, within days.

FACT: The correct corporate gift, promotional items, trade show booth giveaways, association attendee gifts, etc. will create a positive connection with you and your company.

Who purchases our music CDs?

  • Executives, business owners, and business associations of all kinds who want to give customers something of high value give our CDs.
  • Sales & marketing professionals give our CDs to clients and prospects to show a creative approach.
  • HR professionals use our CDs as part of their corporate wellness programs and team-building tools.
  • Trade shows and medical associations give our music CDs away at tradeshow booths or special events so visitors will retain and remember this unique gift.
  • Physician practices, surgical centers and healthcare facilities give our CDs as referral gifts, and use for post-surgery treatment options for stress reduction and pain, management.
  • Event planners use our CDs in gift baskets, special events, parties, VIP presents or as a “thank you” gift for volunteers
  • Hotels use our CDs as a gift for guests during turndown service, or as a welcome/departure gift.
  • Hospitality industries such as restaurants, art galleries, wine bars, wineries and retail stores sell our CDs for revenue and use our music to create  the right soundscape for their business.
  • Real estate, financial services, insurance professionals give our CDs in place of outdated coffee mugs or calendars.
  • Health clubs, massage therapists, chiropractors and  behavioral health professionals give patients and clients our music for help in stress reduction and as a gift to build referrals.
  • Sellers of high end luxury items give our CDs to prospective clients  as a perceived, high value gift.
  • Production companies, radio, TV, corporate video production companies—use our music as ambient, thematic music.
  • Any business professional that is tired of giving boring and embarrassing promotional items can give the gift of music.

*Note: Our music CDs can be customized by simply affixing a label or sticker on the cover with your contact information.

We can also create a front/back cover with your company logo, any artwork or information you’d like for a small investment that will enhance customer perception and show your added value.


Why are music CDs so effective in building relationships and top-of-mind awareness with customers?

There are many reasons why music, given as a physical CD with your company information on the cover is so powerful.

Did you know?

  • Music is the rare corporate gift that has medical science research  showing it can lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Music can reduce stress and anxiety, enhances positive feelings towards others, reduce physical pain, boost our immune system.
  • CDs have a high perceived value as a gift. Customers know the retails value is $12-18 each.
  • Forrester Research showed 87% of consumers, when given a CD of music, listen to the album.
  • Over 75% of traditional plastic promotional items may be thrown away within days?
  • Memory and creativity can be improved listening to music.
  • Music is GREEN! People keep music CDs for years and give them away to friends, as well. They are not thrown away.
  • CDs are as cost effective as many of corporate gifts given away today in the $4-6 price point.


Our piano and guitar instrumental music CDs, for example, are composed and recorded to appeal to a wide audience of
listeners ranging from 27-65 years of age, as well as gender-friendly. The tempos, rhythms and instrumentation are intended
to create both a relaxing and stress-reducing mood, as well as inspire creative thinking.

Other music CDs in our catalogue may appeal to those liking more folk rock, jazz, pop, or improvisational rock/jazz fusion guitar.