Journey to Planet Art with Dr. Russ Riendeau

Journey to Planet Art


Want to engage your audience immediately? Are you looking for a refreshing new program that audiences can relate to? Are your employees stressed, managing more projects? Does your team need more professional development to harness their skills for growing your company?

Dr. Russ Riendeau is an artist, sculptor, author and composer. Also a developmental psychologist and executive search professional as Sr. Partner with East Wing Group, HE helps CEOs find the best talent for their companies

While creating an original painting on-stage in front of business audiences, Russ shares ideas and strategies for how to enhance our creative processes in everyday workplace opportunities, using art as a powerful metaphor and tool to learn how to be more creative.

Russ Riendeau takes the audience on a fun, visual journey, as they blast off to Planet Art: A planet where all things are possible and creativity and innovation thrive. In a world of all too serious seminars, PowerPoint slides and spreadsheets, Riendeau’s dynamic and fun program delivers viable, implementable ideas for everyone to use right now.
Additional videos are on youTube of his presentations, artwork/sculptures, books and music.

For more information please visit EastWing Search Group or Eye Catcher Press Music
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