Journey to Planet Art with Dr. Russ Riendeau

Journey to Planet Art


Want to engage your audience immediately? Are you looking for a refreshing new program that audiences can relate to? Are your employees stressed, managing more projects? Does your team need more professional development to harness their skills for growing your company?

Dr. Russ Riendeau is an artist, sculptor, author and composer. Also a developmental psychologist and executive search professional as Sr. Partner with East Wing Group, HE helps CEOs find the best talent for their companies

While creating an original painting on-stage in front of business audiences, Russ shares ideas and strategies for how to enhance our creative processes in everyday workplace opportunities, using art as a powerful metaphor and tool to learn how to be more creative.

Russ Riendeau takes the audience on a fun, visual journey, as they blast off to Planet Art: A planet where all things are possible and creativity and innovation thrive. In a world of all too serious seminars, PowerPoint slides and spreadsheets, Riendeau’s dynamic and fun program delivers viable, implementable ideas for everyone to use right now.
Additional videos are on youTube of his presentations, artwork/sculptures, books and music.

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8 Sales Strategies When Snow Day Hits (PRWeb Press Release)

East Wing Group, Inc.

Winter storms disrupt and frustrate sales and management professionals ability to earn money. Here are 8 snow day action items that will lead to increased sales, without speaking with a prospective customer.

Chicago, Illinois: WEATHER WARNING: Snow, ice, wind, rain, lightning, tornado advisory warnings until 5pm tomorrow. Today, every event, meeting, seminar, appointment and night classes around the world have been cancelled, closed or delayed due to weather in your area. Stay in your homes.  Read full story

Featured in “Citizen Musician”

Guitarist, mandolin, keyboardist,  vocalist, composer, Russ Riendeau has been playing music since age 14. Since 2010, he has released six albums of original music on the Eyecatcher Press Music label.  Global Journey Music USA signed him as an indie artist in 2011 and now features his music in their world music catalogue.”  As featured in Citizen Musician


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History Civil War Submarine, HL Hunley

As featured in PRWeb,

Russ Riendeau’s new song, HL Hunley, tells the story of the famous Civil War submarine that sunk 150 years ago. The sub is now being restored in Charleston, South Carolina and all album sales on the site supporting restoration costs.


Featured on the H.L. Hunley Museum Site

Russ Riendeau’s new song, H.L. Hunley (The Coin) off the Guitar Gumbo CD, will be featured on the museum/foundation site of “Friends of the Hunley” website. Restoration is on-going for this famous Civil War Submarine that was discovered over a decade ago, after sinking in 1862. The song tells the story of the men and final voyage, and, the surprise gold coin that was thought to be legend-turned-true story.

East Wing Group Releases First Known Soundtrack From Business Audiobook


First, Hide The Poison Arrows, is an audiobook on sales and leadership effectiveness by Russ Riendeau. This is the first known business audiobook to also release the soundtrack of original music also composed by the author.







First, Hide The Poison Arrows, newly released audiobook soundtrack

Audiobook listeners are always looking for new ways to keep learning sessions energized and music is one critical element.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

In our distracting world of information overload, music is often used to introduce and anchor new information for easier recall and retention. Author and composer, Dr. Riendeau used behavioral science research to help compose appropriate music for his recently released audiobook First, Hide The Poison Arrows. The music features contemporary piano, guitar and strings written specifically to create appropriate moods for the book’s content on sales training and leadership effectiveness.

Audiobook listeners are always looking for new ways to keep learning sessions energized and music is one critical element,” says the author. “Matching appropriate music with specific sections help listeners associate the music and the message in a positive way, rather than distract.”

Musical soundtracks released from popular movies, musicals and mini-series are common. A soundtrack from a business education product is rare. Given music’s important role to build energy and excitement at major corporate events, athletic events, conferences, and political campaigns, this seven song soundtrack offers options of using music to anchor the importance of professional development. Stress reduction, creativity and inspiration are also viable options for music’s inclusion in such activities.

Dr. Russ Riendeau is senior partner of East Wing Group, Inc., a retained search practice. He’s also a contemporary artist and composer, using art and music to teach stress reduction and inspire peak performance.

First, Hide The Poison Arrows soundtrack is on the Eyecatcher Press label and available for digital downloads at The First, Hide The Poison Arrows audiobook can be found on Amazon.

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East Wing Group / Eyecatcher Press Music – Atypical Promotion Approach

We love our marketing approach!! We were mentioned in the Daily Herald for the unique manner in which we wish to present ourselves.

Atypical promotional approach works for search firm

Article posted: 11/5/2012 7:00 AM In: Daily Herald by Jim Kendall


Like most of us, Russ Riendeau is a small-business owner, senior partner at East Wing Group Inc., a retained search firm in Barrington.  But Riendeau doesn’t do things like most of us do. He also is a musician, composer, motivational speaker, and creator of both traditional and audio books who combines these additional passions with a deep well of entrepreneurial energy that helps make East Wing successful.

For example:

• Riendeau will happily send you a copy of his firm’s new brochure — or you can read it yourself, online, page-by-page at Take a look: East Wing’s home page is a brochure.  “The old site needed revamping,” Riendeau explains. “There was way too much text — and no video.” Now the East Wing website includes a two-minute video pitch — black-and-white for authenticity and to pay homage to Apple’s highly successful graphic approach.  However, the primary reason the video is on the East Wing site is because “Search engines like video,” Riendeau says.  The video works. “When people call us, they don’t talk about the brochure. They say, ‘I saw your video.’”

• Riendeau’s most recent venture is an audio book. (Click the audio book on the brochure cover.) The book, “First, Hide the Poison Arrows,” focuses on the sales and leadership tenets that are the core of East Wing Group’s executive search business, and is available at iTunes and Amazon.  There was no book manuscript. “I wrote an outline and went into the booth and recorded the book spontaneously,” says Riendeau. He also recorded a soundtrack that is available separately from Eyecatcher Press Music, a Riendeau holding that with the word “music” out of the corporate name also has published Riendeau’s books.

• Music CDs work, too, at least those produced by Eyecatcher Press Music. The music, written and performed by Riendeau, ranges from classical piano and guitar to folk rock and jazz, and includes audio soundscapes. (Click Soundscapes.)  Riendeau uses music CDs primarily as promotional giveaways, a result of research that, he says, indicates companies seeking to build brand recognition with giveaways fail with coffee mugs and similar items.  “Over 70 percent of the stuff you get at a trade show is in the trash bin by the time you get to your car,” Riendeau says. “But music CDs are an exception. People keep — and listen to — the CDs.  “(The CDs) have a high perceived value, are associated with positive feelings, and people remember where they came from.”

Riendeau also sells his CDs to noncompeting businesses as “a unique gift for clients” that can be especially effective with, for example, a sticker that has your company ID on the package.

Riendeau clearly thinks differently about small business promotion. He’s also successful. The interesting discussion might be whether a version of Riendeau’s approach could work for our businesses, too.

• Jim Kendall welcomes comments at

© 2012 121 Marketing Resources Inc.

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New Audiobook Learning For The Price Of A Coffee

First, Hide the Poison Arrows – new audiobook learning for the price of a coffee.

75% of sales, marketing and management professionals have not spent the price of a cup of coffee on their own professional develop–even when the recession and job loss, income loss is threatening our job security and income.

In this dynamic and brand new audiobook by award-winning executive search professional and behavioral scientist, Dr. Russell Riendeau, you will learn how to compete in the new world at work by developing better listening and question building skills, as well as how to uncover the real tension points in another person that effects decisions.
Is your job security and learning how to increase your income by $10,000-$50,000 over the next 36 months worth the risk of investing $6.95–the price of two coffees?

Available at


Published in Quintessential Barrington

To the beat of a Different Drum

As Published in Quintessential Barrington

Don’t be fooled by the unconventional way in which local musician Russ Riendeau talks about his newest album
“Sudden Inspiration.” he compares it to the magnetic Chicago Bears schedule that may have a realtor’s
name on it or a brand labeled,freebie paperweight.


“It can be a marketing tool,” said Riendeau “it just has a far greater value proposition.” Riendeau said it’s the power of music which makes a Cd of such great value.


“People always remember music. They remember who gave it to them,
they remember where they first heard it,” said Riendeau. “So now
imagine if these business owners started giving out Cds instead of
pens. People would certainly remember who gave it to them.”


That’s precisely what Riendeau hopes he created with “Sudden Inspiration”
– a soundscape album with a range of sounds, styles and moods
that business owners can use in whatever way they Photo: Cheryl Riendeau
see fit. Gender-friendly, age-friendly and genrefriendly, Riendeau calls
“Sudden Inspiration” an “easy listen that follows the rhythm of life.”


“Sudden Inspiration,” featuring all original music written and performed
by Riendeau, was released in May and is Riendeau’s fourth album. “It’s
totally different than the music most people would say they love,”
said Riendeau. “It’s more ambient and acoustic, and creates more vivid
imagery.” Riendeau said it’s the kind of Cd that you can turn on when
doing just about anything; helping listeners to relax, be more efficient
or just get through the day.


“The goal is to get business owners to recognize a Cd as an effective marketing
tool,” said Riendeau, a small business owner himself.


Dr. Josh Alpert acknowledges the Cd’s marketing power, but says that he has
found it valuable for a different reason. Alpert, a local orthopedic surgeon
with the Midwest Bone & Joint Institute, prescribes Riendeau’s Cd to patients
in post-operational recovery.


“I think of it as alternative medicine,” Alpert said. “It’s part marketing tool,
but for me its value is therapeutic.” Right along with medicine and therapy,
Alpert said Riendeau’s Cd is an added benefit for patients in post-op.


“Sudden Inspiration,” Riendeau says, “is intended to inspire creativity in
listeners by creating a different sensory experience than what they are
accustomed to.” he did acknowledge however that for some people, it’s not a
necessary gateway to creativity. for some, it’s just a nice relaxation tool.


Riendeau has also employed his music into his day job. Riendeau is the senior
partner of The East Wing Search Group, a local firm which specializes in helping
corporations identify culture, challenges and goals as well as organizational needs.
Additionally, Riendeau conducts executive searches to help corporations find top


On the consulting end, Riendeau speaks to corporate executives about developing
mission driven objectives that maximize employee productivity. As part of his
consulting, Riendeau will often coordinate workshops with companies, to motivate
and inspire skills needed for maximum productivity. And much to his pleasure,
Riendeau has found that effective inspiration can come from his guitar. Riendeau
says playing his guitar and singing to corporate executives is an effective
way to inspire and motivate employees to tap their potential.


“Music anchors memory and enhances experience,” said Riendeau, “and it does those
two things better than any other motivational tool.”


Riendeau has also used his music to help local charities. his band, “three lincolns,”
has done charity concerts for the Barrington Area Arts Council as well as other
local charity organizations.


For more information on Riendeau’s music and presentations, or for more information
on his executive search firm, visit “Sudden Inspiration” can be
purchased on or most other music retailers.


As Published in Quintessential Barrington /

Published in Mackinac Island Town Crier

Sounds of Mackinac Album Brings Island Experience To Life Through Music

As Published in Mackinac Island Town Crier By Matt Mikus

Inspired by sounds and sights of Mackinac Island, Russ Riendeau of Barrington, Illinois, composed songs
he hopes will connect listeners to the Island and the
memories and experiences they have here. The tracks have been compiled on a 10-song compact disk called “Sounds of Mackinac.”


Since he and his wife first visited Mackinac Island 31 years ago, Mr Riendeau has returned
many times with family and friends in all four seasons. A few years ago, he decided to record his experiences.


Mr. Riendeau, 54, has played the guitar since he was 14 and began performing and writing songs when he was 18. His first album is entitled “Sudden Inspiration.” He makes his living as a behavioral scientist, working with large corporations seeking business executives.


Woven into the notes of his latest album, he says, is his knowledge of the psychological impact of music on its listeners.


“What I did was incorporate the behavioral science research, so you’ll have different tempos and cadences that open up the mind to different kinds of ideas,” he said. “Changes in music are like adjectives in a story. It creates more awareness because they aren’t caught up in the same sounds and music the whole time.”


“Most of the music that I write is geared toward sensory experience. I write with the intent of, this is something you hear in the background of a documentary, or a film score. I try to write with themes in mind, either emotional, with what people are feeling, or geographical themes.”


Primarily, the songs feature classical piano and guitar, but a number of other ambient sounds are replicated in the music, like water lapping, church bells, or birds.


“But it is all sensory,” he said. “The listeners can interpret it any way they want.”


To create the sounds, he surrounded himself with photographs and other images of Mackinac Island, focusing on themes that are iconic to the area. He also consulted with a number of local business owners and residents to get their impressions.


“Whatever I was thinking and feeling while viewing the images,” he said, “that’s what I used to create the music.”


His titles are hints to the kind of experience he hopes to emulate, like “White Sails On Waves of Turquoise,” which he says reflects the feeling of sailing on the Great Lakes, while “Midnight Sky” was inspired by the experience of staying on Mackinac Island for a night and star gazing over Lake Huron.


“One of the songs, called ‘Harbor Morning’ opens up with a native flute, and you can almost picture the sun coming up over the harbor.” he said. “You hear the music building, and then the sun rises, and you start to hear tambourines that kind of sound like horses. It has the sounds of something coming alive.”


Other titles from the album include, “The Sun Will Find You,” “Seven Steams,” “Winter Scenes,” “Sunset Beyond The Bridge.” and “Dance Of The Black Keys.”


Mr. Riendeau also provided an opportunity for his family to contribute. The album art features photographs by his wife, Cheryl Riendeau, and the cover was designed by his daughter Danielle.


Many people come to Mackinac for creative expression, and, for him, this album allows him to share his expressions.


“Some like to write, others paint,” Mr. Riendeau said. “I like to create music.”


Mr. Riendeau’s disc will be available at various shops on the Island.


As Published in Mackinac Island Town Crier By Matt Mikus

Snow Day Symphony, Experiment by Russ Riendeau

This is a short 3.5 minute documentary of a classical
musician improv conducted by Citizen Musician, Russ Riendeau.

Using the song, 90,000 Voices, written by Russ Riendeau,
the musicians used the short melody to build an improv to
allow the music to wander away from the missing conductor,
allowing the musicians to watch and feed off each others
energy with no fear of getting in trouble from the boss.

The hope is this example will help young musicians being
trained in classical music to take time for improvisation
and experiment that allows freedom, creative thinking and
just having fun with making mistakes, taking risks and not
being judged.

Russ Riendeau is a Citizen Musician

“Russ Riendeau is a Citizen Musician supported, in part, by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.”