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    First, Hide the Poison Arrows

    The Primitive Desire of Every Human? Remove Unwanted Tension.
    A New 3-Point Strategy To Drive Sales & Leadership Effectiveness In Our Post-Recession Economy.
    Did you know that over 75% of sales and management professionals have not received or pursued updated sales training since the recession hit? And we wonder why the new, work-at-work doesn’t respond to sales models from three years ago.

    Dr. Russell Riendeau, award-winning executive search professional, recognized expert in business development strategies delivers three, dynamic hours of real world tools, humorous stories and behind-the-scenes insights to increasing sales and leadership effectiveness. This 3-Point system will increase your selling effectiveness immediately.

    First, Hide the Poison Arrows: The art of focused, active listening.
    Second, Identify the Poison: Great question development to find the “tension point.”
    Third, Deliver the Antidote: Create a multi-sensory experience for the customer.

  • That was Zen, This is WOW

    Price: $9.95
    Soft Cover Books – Press Printed

    That Was Zen, This Is Wow

    What Chicken Soup for the Soul books do for capturing compelling stories about daily life; what the Dummies series have done to simplify complicated stuff; what The One Minute Manager books do for enlightened leadership, That Was Zen, This Is Wow does for finding hidden gems to achieve more rewarding outcomes in daily opportunities. Cleverly disguising social, psychological, business, even physics research, Rob Engelman, & Dr. Russ Riendeau team-up to deliver 232 fun, witty and provoking ideas that dare, nudge, even drag you towards real-life change.

    Regardless of your occupation, age or size of your rolodex, That Was Zen, This is Wow will speak volumes to you. Try it…you can’t help but apply these simple truths into your life, your challenges, and your dreams. Welcome to the Land of Wow.

  • The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition

    Price: $9.95
    Soft Cover Books – Press Printed

    The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition –

    The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition is an engaging, lightning-fast, insightful book in stark contrast to the overstuffed business tomes lining book shelves today. Heavy on practicality, easy to pack in your carry-on bag, this field guide delivers profitable ideas that you can implement between the time you take off from New York and land in Atlanta. This book delivers the metrics and insights to secure top executive talent now.

    Messengers Garner, Tolan, and Riendeau deliver fast-to-implement, effective, real-world ideas with a steady dose of humor and storytelling flare for hurried executives in need of proven metrics and tactics for securing top talent in our competitive marketplace. Combining their experience of over 110,000 interviews and collective insights in executive search, consulting, management, and behavioral research, this trio champion’s key initiatives and systems in the quest for human capital your competitors overlook.

  • Finders Keepers

    Price: $9.95
    Soft Cover Books – Press Printed

    Finders Keepers:

    Attracting and Retaining Top Sales Professionals – with a Foreword by best-selling author, Neil Rackham, of SPIN Selling fame, this is a quick, fun, with immediate and implementable ideas for securing top talent. Are You Chasing a Purple Squirrel? (Purple Squirrel n: an ideal job candidate who, in reality, does not exist) Too often, managers waste time chasing a purple squirrel. A sales candidate may be skilled at selling, but can he or she relate to your industry sales cycle, costing systems, delivery schedules, and manufacturing processes? Recruiting talent is the number one issue facing companies today. How do you attract and retain elite talent in today’s tight labor market? How do you evaluate motivation and ability to sell competitively in your industry? These are just some of the questions Russell Riendeau addresses in Finders Keepers. Other questions addressed include: Is your organization attractive to the best sales and management personnel? Is there a magic commission formula that will keep talent on your team? What can you do about expensive turnover in your sales force? Why is it important to brag about sales reps that have left your organization? Why should you find your replacement?