About the artist

Multi-instrumentalist Russ Riendeau is a longtime composer, founder of Eyecatcher Press Music and Indie recording artist with Global Journey Music USA. Since 2010, he has released six albums, including a soundtrack for an audiobook, with a wide genre of musical styles—from rock, jazz, folk, contemporary piano and strings, to Delta blues slide guitar and new age relaxation music for healthcare markets. As Russ’ catalogue of music has grown over the years, his music has found an international audience, with sales reaching Europe, Asia, South America and New Zealand.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Russ took up guitar lessons at age 13 and by 18 playing venues around Chicago. For two summers in high school, he toured as a lighting technician with rock bands such as KISS, Electric Light Orchestra and STYX. Inspired by a different style of music in storyteller guitarists such as James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, Carlos Santana, Tom Petty and Eric  Clayton, he started writing and performing for live audiences. He stepped away from writing music, played a season of semi-pro hockey, married and started a family, working as a homebuilder, then focusing on entrepreneurial ventures in starting an executive search firm, earning a doctorate in psychology and writing  six books. Russ rekindled his passion for writing
and playing years later, going on to write and record numerous albums, co-founded
a band, 3 Lincolns and added piano and mandolin playing to his recordings.

Today, Russ continues to record music for a wide range of audiences and his albums                   To hear a wide range of more world music, 
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prospective and current customers.

In addition to his music, Russ also an abstract painter and creates sculptures in many
different mediums, with some pieces in local galleries. He and his family live in
Barrington, Illinois.


List of music samples for your listening pleasure.

– Sounds of Mackinac Island                                               – Four Winds, Cuatro Vientos
– Sudden Inspiration                                                            -first, Hide the Poison Arrows
– Guitar Gumbo


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